Select Your Use CASE


Retail GooDS

Leverage your physical presence 

Screens are important information hubs in outlets. Feature your promotions, especially with instant messages. Get in touch with your clients for more information.  

Retail Services

Present your service at the spot

First class service is based on information and engagement with the client. Convert your screens to powerful service stations. 



Strengthen your corporate culture

Intranets deliver important information and strengthen your corporate culture on a daily basis. Integrate your display network seamlessly, deliver the right message and keep the content where it belongs - in your CMS.  

Data visualisation and monitoring

Visualize key performing indicators

To make the right decisions you need to know the facts. High quality data visualisation delivers complex data in an easy and understandable way and should be in sight of your team.

Production LInes

Visualize process status real time 

No matter if you are a small take-away restaurant or a manufacturing corporation. Your employees always need important information to guarantee a flawless service and high quality products.

EDUCATION &  public Services


Bring training support to the next level

Support educators and students and use your display infrastructure to leverage IT for better learning results. 


Improve in-office experience

In the public sector it's essential to be transparent and guide people to the information they need. Line and floor management are essential for client satisfaction.

Exhibitions & TOURISM


Benefit from your digital host 

Transform your event display into a digital host that enhances the visitor experience. Use your screens to involve your guests
and craft memorable memories.

Day & Nightlife

Connect with your guest

Draw your guests' attention from their small screens to your big screen. Get them interactive with you and locally connected around your hotel, cafe, restaurant or night club.